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My plan for the data interview process

I am graduating in May 2018 and obviously need to find some employment. I would love an entry level job as a data scientist.

It can be difficult to obtain a job as a data scientist. The field is incredibly competitive as it is the “sexiest job of the 21st century”. The field also tends to be biased towards masters/PhDs right now. On top of all this, the interview process can be pretty difficult.

My plan:

- Keep track of all the companies I talk/apply to: 

As an aspiring data scientist, I should definitely be collecting data on the interviewing process in order to track my progress. I came across Galvanize’s video Hacking the Data Science Interview and I think the presenter makes some wonderful points. I am going to be using this Google Sheets Interview Funnel Tracking Template from the talk in order to track my progress.

- Build up a legit portfolio:

I plan on putting together some really well-polished data science projects together at Chasing Data. I’m got to spend my Saturdays in January doing some mini-hackathons where I power through some projects in order to churn out a really well-polished portfolio.

- Read, Read, Read:

In an effort to prepare myself for all the various questions that might be thrown at me during the interview process I plan on reading as much as humanly possible. Here is a list of books I intend on reading:

- Network Like Crazy:

I plan on really trying to network over these next couple months. I am really interested in how I can add value to other peoples businesses and hopefully find a great fit.

- Online Resources:

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